Nexstar to Buy KUSI

The Nexstar Media Group announced today that it agreed to purchase KUSI (TV) from the McKinnon family for $35-million. This will create a duopoly in San Diego with the recent acquisition of KSWB-TV. If the takeover is approved by the FCC, the most immediate and visible change will be the combining of the two news teams since news always represents an income opportunity but at a significant cost.

KUSI has been an independent station since its creation by the United States International University in 1982 except for a 4-year period from 1995—1998 when they were affiliated with UPN. The station was originally built with all RCA gear from the cameras and tape recorders to the transmitter atop Mt. San Miguel.

Fred Swift has been Chief Engineer of the station since Richard Large retired in 2013, 10 years ago. The pair had worked together for 29 years before that.