Online Meeting Nov 9: All About Drones That Can Inspect Your Towers

QCommunications’ Airborne Division, QForce, is a member of the OConsortium Technology Demonstration Tour where it provides broadcaster-related entities with an overview of the collection capabilities utilizing unmanned systems (drones). The professional pilots of QForce collect a variety of data needs in support of broadcast companies, tower owners, insurance companies, and other stakeholders to include visual and thermal inspection data as well as the RF mapping and Pattern Verification (PV) services in support of the REPACK program and individual needs. QForce focuses on providing the right structure, coordination, consulting, and applying the proper sensor and aircraft combination under the command of a specially trained pilot to collect any information the client may need for their structure.

While out on-site at the Briarcrest facility with the OConsortium Technology Demonstration Tour QForce was able to fly some of its sensors for a general look at the local structure and discuss some of the unique capabilities drones can provide to the broadcast stakeholders.

Join Chapters 36, 9, and 47 Tuesday, November 9 at 11:30 AM PST. SBE Members and all interested are invited. Register in advance for this meeting HERE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Thanks to Chapter 47 for organizing this online meeting. 

Jim Ocon is President and Founder of the Oconsortium. It is a cross-platform technology collaboration focused on educating, developing, and delivering innovative, cost-effective, and resilient solutions for the media and broadcast industries. Jim has held many positions in the industry working in news, production, and automation. As president and Chief Innovation Officer of Ocon Solutions, created in 2018, Jim interfaces product tech with clients over the entire supply chain. Our customers include broadcast, news, law enforcement, and corporate clients who require professional scale projects. Jim is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineering (SBE), ATSC, and SMPTE.

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