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July 1997 Electronic Newsletter

Next Meeting: Wednesday July 16, 1997

WHO Sherman George, UCSD-TV, host. Phone 534-4533 David Carroll and Steve Pollak, Current Technology
WHAT UCSD-TV Tour and Presentation on Recent Presidential Commencement Speech Coverage. UCSD-TV provides plenty of local academic TV origination and classic arts movies. Sherman will show off his facilities and show a short time-lapse video of set-up for the recent Presidential speech at the June 1997 UCSD commencement.

Established in 1971, Irving, Texas-based Current Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets electrical transient suppression filter systems and other premium power quality products for commercial, industrial and military applications worldwide. The company's product lines are sold through a factory-trained network of independent sales representatives across North America, South Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. David Carroll, Current Technology's technical marketing manager, along with local sales representative John Freese of O'Connor Sales, will address the importance of electrical surge protection within broadcast facilities during the July 16 meeting.

All interested parties are welcome!

WHEN Wednesday, July 16, 1997. 6-7 p.m. social hour, 7 p.m. meeting.
WHERE UCSD Visual Arts Facility ("VAS") Room 509. Allow plenty of time! From I-5, take La Jolla Village Drive west. Exit to Gilman north (right). Proceed to parking kiosk and state that you are attending the SBE meeting to receive a free parking permit. Ask for a map to lot 410 and VAS. Proceed to parking lot 410 at the rear of the university credit union. Sherman promises to mark stop signs with direction arrows. Call UCSD- TV at 534-3535 for last minute help.

June 1997 Meeting Highlights

The June 18, 1997 meeting at KGTV featured a presentations by Aviation Systems Associates and Tower Structures. Towers are a big concern these days since the upcoming DTV push will force TV stations to reconfigure, and in many cases add, tower space for themselves and their many tenants.

Gary Allen of Aviation Systems Associates of Torrance detailed FAA guidelines for tower height versus distance from airports (FCC part 77), and for prevention of intermod product interference to aviation bands, primarily 108 MHz. The FAA can take up to seven months to evaluate a form 7460.

Steven Hopkins, Healy Morita, and Jon Mitchell of Tower Structures presented slides of several great tower projects, discussing challenges and rewards of each. Based in Chula Vista, they travel the world to put metal up in the air.

San Diego Shorts

KNSD-TV has a new chief engineer. Oscar Medina returns to San Diego from El Paso, where he was active in SBE chapter 38....KGTV committed to the Panasonic DVCPRO digital news gathering system. Margie Baldwin said that photographers' concerns about reliability and quality were allayed by having them speak to current users. Panasonic appears to be gathering market share due to its low cost and innovative laptop editor configurations. Also, channel 10 is installing a new Larcan transmitter, retiring an RCA that's been around for about 20 years....KFMB-TV committed to Sony SX cameras and editors. The new KFMB website is up and running. They're betting on an increase in bandwidth, serving news story QuickTime videos on demand primarily to users of cable TV modems.

Lee McGowan of SFX's KYXY & KPLN told Radio World magazine that they leave their EAS system off-line to avoid misfirings by upstream stations. This is a growing trend after the WLS debaucle, when stations throughout the east and midwest had numerous false triggers. KYXY is installing a new short-spaced antenna, in part to reduce ground-level radiation at the KFMB-FM/TV site on Mt. Soledad...Jeff Williams, the newly volunteered EAS coordinator and KOGO technical director, has been working with local broadcasters for a better time for regular monthly tests (RMT's) than the 4:50 p.m. drivetime slot used recently. He explained in a letter to the on- line CGC Communicator that he's drafting a local plan and would like to receive input. Send him an E-mail....Bill Eisenhamer of Nationwide's KXGL says they recently installed a new 10-bay ½ wave-spaced ERI transmission antenna on the KGTV tower. Look for the shiny copper. Studios are moving to new "great view" digs on the 21st floor of 1 America Plaza downtown on Broadway. Magic KMCG is there already, and KXGL will follow next weekend....KGB and KPOP join their sisters in Carroll Canyon facilities July 12--another lost weekend Ron Foo and John Barcroft?

Net Watch

Download E-slide, an electronic slide rule program, now v1.3 for Windows, that has plenty of useful utilities for broadcasters, including FM signal predictions, STL path analysis, satellite locator, attenuator network design, conversions, and so on. By Continental Electronics.

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