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January 2014 Meeting Canceled

We’re sorry to do so, but our presenter informs us that he was called away on emergency business and unable to attend. Chairman Doug Alman has canceled the SBE Chapter 36 meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 15th at noon.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

There’s a New Engineer in Town and She’s Going to Kick Butt

I met Nisie Teeter at Lee McGowan’s funeral. She didn’t know Lee, but she was hired in October 2013 to fill the position he left at CBS Radio in San Diego when he became gravely ill, and all her new coworkers were deeply affected by their loss. She’s unusual not only because she’s a woman in a position held mostly by men, but because she’s an extrovert. Her supervisor, Mike Prasser, waited a long time to hire another engineer, and it’s obvious when you talk to Nisie that she is bound to make her mark in San Diego.

KYXY/KEGY Engineer Nisie Teeter in Costa Rica.
KYXY/KEGY Engineer Nisie Teeter in Costa Rica.

Q: Tell us about your radio engineering experience in Los Angeles. Any favorite projects there? Big challenges?

Nisie: I started as an intern at KUSC, an NPR affiliate [in 2001]. When my internship ended, I was hired by CBS LA. My time at CBS was very short as that KUSC had an opening and they wanted someone with IT experience. I was at KUSC for over 5 years, working my way up to Chief Engineer. I was then recruited to go work for the LA office of American Public Media, where the show Marketplace is produced. Unfortunately, I was laid off after close to 2 years there so I decided to take a different route and went to culinary school. Continue reading There’s a New Engineer in Town and She’s Going to Kick Butt

REC Networks Files Informal Objection to 245 LPFM Applications

San Diego low power FM applications were among the 245 nationwide that REC Networks, a local broadcast advocacy group, filed informal objections with the FCC against. REC Networks said the applications were all filed with Antonio Cesar Guel as the technical contact. Guel is president of the Hispanic Christian Community Network, an organization that currently owns over 40 LPTV stations across the country. REC Networks alleges that this mass filing attempts to circumvent the FCC’s intention to give licenses to locally-based groups, and more seriously, that Guel’s applications falsify some information.

In the San Diego area, Guel’s applications include:

  • BNPL-20131112ADZ,  Chula Vista Community Radio, 101.1 MHz
  • BNPL-20131112ALR, San Diego Community Radio, 103.3 MHz
  • BNPL-20131112ALT, San Isidro Community Radio, Chula Vista, 93.7 MHz
  • BNPL-20131114BNE, Libertando Los Cautivos Prisons Ministries, San Ysidro, 95.3 MHz

In the 2000 and 2001 LPFM application windows, REC Networks filed informal objections to Guel applications, which were subsequently dismissed.


ProSound Going Out of Business

While they were known mostly for their interaction with musicians, ProSound has been a source of professional audio equipment, advice, and repair for broadcasters as well. Shane Alexander told me today they expect to close the doors at the end of December, a victim of poor economic conditions and internet sales.

You can call or stop by to give your wishes or buy a few closeout items. They’re at 4593 Mission Gorge Place near Mission Gorge Road east of Qualcomm Stadium. Call (619) 583-7851.

FCC Posts Long List of San Diego Area LPFM Hopefuls

The FCC wasted no time in posting to its database all of the 2,819 LPFM applications filed during the October-November 2013 window.

A search of all L1 FM applications entered during November finds 18 San Diego County listings within 80km of Mt. Woodson.

A number of interesting patterns emerge. Most applicants are area churches. Many are mutually exclusive, with four applicants each on 93.7 and 101.1 MHz and two each on 95.3 and 103.3 MHz. Interestingly, some of the applicants, including one in Chula Vista, were registered as being given 100W when they are within the Mexican border zone that limits maximum power to 50W ERP. Since only one station will occupy each channel, the FCC will have to work with the mutually exclusive applicants using a published scoring system to determine the winner of the channel. In the event of a tie, licensees will be asked to share or give up their claim for a construction permit.

When the FCC will issue the construction permits associated with this filing window is unknown. There was speculation that it might take five to six months to sort through the applications, but with the FCC out of business for nearly a month during the October government shutdown, the backlog of filings may delay release of those construction permits.