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July 20 Chapter 36 Meeting: Frequency Coordination

To date, the best spectrum for studio and field wireless microphones and IFBs has been unused TV channels. With the recent FCC spectrum auction, much of that spectrum disappears next April in San Diego. But there remain a few places to use your wireless devices.

Gary Stigall, local NFL frequency coordinator and contract engineer, will speak about the disappearing spectrum and give some solutions you can adopt for your TV or radio station. He’ll also go over the new NFL frequency coordination self-serve website.

Join us Wednesday, July 20th at 12-noon at iHeart Media, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego. We’ll provide a simple lunch for you.

GatesAir Creates Learning Website

GatesAir, the descendant company of Gates, Harris, and Intraplex, has assembled a learning center in order to bring its customers and prospects up to technical speed. Courses touch on subjects like…

  • HD Radio Time and Level Alignment
  • Intro to Broadcast Transmitter Technology
  • 950 MHz Networking Using Intraplex
  • TV Repack Roundtable
  • AES67 in the Studio

…and many more.

Check it out!